BCO PRO 2 - New Project

What is new ?

  • Windows Compatibility: Windows 7, 8 or 10 as either 32 or 64 bits
  • Design: User friendly and intuitive, Multi-Window, Full Screen mode
  • Database: Management of several DB in one click. Quick search by entering first a reference.

Brand New Additional Modules

  • Module 1: "Search & Match"
  • Immediate correction and formulation directly on POS (Point of Sale).
    Correction by addition of colorants. (Shade can be corrected after production on tinting machine).
    Any shades can be produced on tinting machine by reading a sample.

  • Module 2: "Formulation & Transfer"
  • For customers equiped with a spectro and formulation software, they have the possibility to import their colour cards directly on the BCO PRO 2 in all their products.



The BCO PRO is a user-friendly tool, customized for each field of application and in
accordance with your requirements.

The BCO PRO contains and manages efficiently your shade library and manage your production in a very simple way.


Compatibility with machines producers
A unique version of software for all tinting machines (manual or automatic).
The BCO PRO works with all most popular tinting machines like:

  • Fast&Fluid - PrismaPro 1 & 2
  • Hero/Nit - Tintwise
  • Lenteq - HLD
  • Tecmec - ColorTecmecDriver
  • Dromont - DSP
  • Corob - CorobDriver
  • Logicol - ATS Driver
  • Santint - ProCECom
  • YiJiu Paint - Colorseq
  • ...

To obtain more informations about the BCO PRO don't hesitate to contact us

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